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After several public relationships with men, including British film director Mike Figgis and Scottish actor Alan Cumming, the former model made headlines when she began a lesbian relationship with fellow actress Fiona Shaw.30-year old British actress Saffron Burrows is a rarity in entertainment–an openly bisexual feminist with a successful film career who doesn’t shy away from lesbian relationships in her work or her life.So I think that should not prevail.” She also aligns herself with Maria Bello’s way of discussing sexuality, saying she didn’t want to necessarily make a big “reveal” of her relationship, but wondered how and when it should happen.“…people shouldn’t have to make statements and their lives should be private if they want to be,” Saffron said.People know now that I live with Mike Figgis, but I prefer not to talk about it.On one level, privacy is important but, on another level, I have no desire to deny certain things.The story notes how little she grants interviews (“I think,” she says, “I maybe felt increasingly private as I got older because I became aware of the gravity of statements.

Also, I’m really proud of my family and who they are, these two individuals beside me. And for my boy, I want to be honest with him because he deserves it – but also proud.As Mike has said, it is “crude and speculative”.’ The same article notes that Burrows once said, long before she ever met Bill Clinton (whom she is also rumored to have dated at one time), that she fancied his wife Hillary, which Bill found very amusing, according to Burrows.In a 2003 interview with the “I was really lucky that the first relationship I had after [my divorce] was with Saffron, who’s really…understanding and a broadminded person. And I want us to live a very honest life with each other.I think for a while I was just avoiding conversations, in order to not be labelled in some way that I felt was limiting and not actually true to who I am.

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