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Last year there were pictures (pics now removed but they were there I promise) taken where they had recipes stored underneath the bench tops to refer to.

The other issue of note is how the contestant’s mother complained about the gruelling nature of the shoot.It started me thinking that Masterchef Junior was either fake or had child actor’s on it? As for having recipes on the counters, in the regular Masterchef show’s I’ve seen the recipes on the counters before, I think it would be impossible to remember the recipes from memory.Nonetheless I do like the show, and I guess the children would have to be helped along some, considering their ages. (Let's face it, all reality shows are staged to a certain extent.) Junior Masterchef – Contestants Are Helped Alot | reality ravings I will say that at the end of the show there is a disclaimer that the timing could be changed, and […] There is a greater tendency to over compensate when you are looking to compensate for a perceived fault in any given relationship.If it were a show depicitng kids doing kid stuff, cooking in the kitchen making a mess etc. I’m not interested in watching a child whose parents have hired a personal chef to train them. For goodness sake, these are only 8 – 12 years old kids. I am sure not many will want their kids to become chefs. Aren’t those judgrs ashamed of themselveves—or are they just in it for the money ! no:), only top chef season 2 and i think 6 that is over. There is no way in hades that these kids came up with any of these recipies.When it comes to baking I think many adults couldn’t make a dessert/cakes without a recipe. I am still watching the show but there is no ‘wow’ factor for me any more because it is ‘expected’ that they will cook something amazing. but i watched it online(2 episodes) and i couldn’t believe no one caught that there was a girl there that put her cup/cupcake in the oven in a plastic form(“ramican” she called it? Gary came and started telling her that the “secret in the kitchen is to save what lookes dead etc. That brings into question the rest of the Masterchef franchise.

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