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That way the stupid cunts don't get drunk and yell and throw shit. My question is to these people, What the fuck is wrong with you?

Yes, there is no question that tits, football and beer are a great combination, but you know what, you don't go to fucking Jets games to see tits or pussy, you go to watch your favorite team and cheer them on.

Or print this photo out and carry it in your pocket you , because I really consider myself better than a TON of people.

Stupid, unrefined fuckheads with no class whatsoever make me sick to my stomach.

They are soldiers fighting alien bugs that are trying to kill every living thing in the Universe to protect the home world.

The 3Fold System 1st ed by Clint Krause (2004) KNRPG Productions A simple universal RPG system, similar to the Storyteller system from White Wolf.

over at the New York Times (who, like Rolling Stone magazine, is the most liberal piece of garbage ever to be printed on paper) at every halftime at Gate D the fans stand on the causeway and harass women to take off their tops and when they don't they harass them and throw shit at them.

Don't tell me that's not enough time, because I've seen what Jack Bauer could do in the 24 hours, and trust me, he does a lot harder stuff than pressing some gay buttons on a keyboard." JUST NY JETS is in no way affiliated with the New York Jets, the National Football League or any of it's teams. But don't leave here so quickly, you might like it. You might even find yourself rooting for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!

It is set in a future 2089 where characters are live-action roleplayers attempting to revive the French Revolution three hundred years later using a mix of muskets, laser pistols, and androids.

Now that the Times has written an article about this shit, the Jets are going to do something about it. That will ruin it for people like me and my other buddies who like to have a few drinks like gentlemen while cheering the Jets on.

Hey, here is a possible solution, STOP SERVING BOOZE AT GAMES. Instead, we'll have to be sober and watch them get their asses kicked. But these stupid fuckers who can't handle their booze will try their hardest to ruin it for everybody.

Character creation uses random-roll attributes (2d6 each for Intelligence, Dexterity, Body and Appearance). For resolution, the player rolls from 2d6 to 4d6 depending on the difficulty, trying to roll under attribute or skill value.

The game itself divides the reenactment into six sequences that mix historic events with futuristic twists and turns.

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