Jewel and sean penn dating

And he really made me feel good about myself and I was so desperate for that. Whether taking selfies, sharing a laugh or hitting up some of the hottest events around - the biggest names in Hollywood always carry on looking exceptionally good.Check out the best celebrity photos of the week from your favorite stars."I enjoyed Sean and would eventually fall in love, but I did not go around holding hands or trying to be seen or noticed," Jewel admitted. I was determined not to be 'discovered' because I was dating someone in the public eye.I liked his mind, and I had fun sparring with him." Her first album, , was released 1995 and her single "Who Will Save Your Soul" became a smash hit after it debuted the following June, making her an instant star.One of the photos of Penn and Jewel together that was featured in her book.(Photo: Access Hollywood Live)interviewed Jewel in fall 2015, she said she was still in touch with Penn.They kept their “burgeoning relationship very quiet” because, as a rising star, she wanted to be known for her music, not who she was dating, but he became her “de facto roadie,” accompanying her on tour.

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However, the pair reunited last week — the first time they were ever photographed together at a public event — and it mostly went Tennessean, which didn’t note their dating history, the 55-year-old Oscar winner was “her dashing companion” at the event and even helped her “slip her foot back into her black, red-bottomed platform stiletto.” It was no secret she was there — she even gave an impromptu performance." data-reactid="29"The exes both attended the Nashville Shines for Haiti Concert, which benefited his J/P Haitian Relief Organization, on April 27.

Penélope helped deliver a €100,000 (roughly 116,565 U. dollars) research scholarship to doctors working on a clinical trial that aims to find a cure to childhood leukemia.

The star was also joined at the hospital by four little leukemia warriors.

“I let him know that the book was coming out, let him read it, and let him know what was in it as a courtesy,” she told public with their romance, and they took a trip together to Necker Island the next month.

However, there are no recent photos of them together." data-reactid="67"Despite making the scene together at the benefit, Jewel had been dating Indianapolis Colts quarterback Charlie Whitehurst in recent months.

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