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The music remains heavy, of course." "There's as much metal as there's been in the past," he continues. When we got progressive and instrumental, we took it an extra step.We've gotten a little crazier than we've done before.Dream Theater found themselves at a career crossroads following the departure of longtime drummer, co-producer and unofficial spokesman Portnoy.But the addition of Mike Mangini (the result of a search and audition process documented in a highly-viewed You Tube series) and the remaining members rededication to each other and their band has resulted in a creative resurgence overall."This is a top three Dream Theater album for me," La Brie states."There's just something about this album that I think really touches on some of the elements on our music that really made this band shine as far back as 1992 when we released Images And Words. We're keeping it contemporary and taking it to a whole new level.

"Not on purpose, maybe subconsciously, because of what was happening to us, that album title just fit so perfectly.As the world around them unravels, unfurls and transitions toward an uncertain destiny economically, militarily, spiritually and politically, Dream Theater refashioned a way forward from the molten hot iron of their own internal transition to create the career-defining album A Dramatic Turn Of Events.It's an evocative collection of fully-realized soundscapes that stands alongside landmark Dream Theater albums like Images And Words and Metropolis Part.Kindred spirits united by their shared devotion to constant study and rehearsal on their respective instruments, they formed the nucleus of what would become Dream Theater with a fellow student at the Berklee College Of Music named Mike Portnoy.The second Dream Theater album, Images And Words, introduced the world to La Brie while achieving gold status and heavy MTV rotation for "Pull Me Under." The band took a step toward its modern lineup with the addition of keyboardist Jordan Rudess, who made his recorded debut on their sixth album, Metropolis Part. Thanks to fan embraced releases like the dark Train Of Thought and the much more diverse Octavarium, Dream Theater has sold well over ten million albums worldwide, including over two million in the United States.

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