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He merely glared at Yukimura and turned the opposite way as he searched for an alternate way out…

if Yukimura was here, that could only mean Sanada was here…

This glossary explains some of the terms used throughout the exemplars.

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" Ryoma said removing the two guys hands off of Fuji's body."Then you shall leave with me today." Atobe said with a smile as he snaked a hand around Ryoma's waist. "Let's go Gen.""I like him as well…" Tezuka finally admitted, making Sanada tense under Yukimura's touch and taking the smile off of Yukimura's lips. just as Yukimura thought he'd originally be when he had first met Ryoma.x Xx Later"Ow….did you sleep with me just to get back at Gen and me? Ryoma didn't say anything as he stepped out of the limo with an arm steadying Fuji." Yukimura asked pulling Ryoma around to face him."I'm busy! " Yukimura said raising his voice to the same level."And if I did? Yukimura didn't answer as he contemplated the answer. I…" Atobe couldn't get a coherent thought out of his head anymore…even as Fuji groaned and started sitting up holding his head."Boss…" The two guys said looking to Atobe."Let them go! He wasn't particularly heavy at the moment but Ryoma highly doubted they'd make it back the school without him being heavy.Whenever possible the definitions and information have been taken directly from ‘official’ websites.As some of the material here is subject to differing interpretations, and some information will get out of date, I welcome your feedback and suggestions: Aboriginal Education Officers play a key role in promoting knowledge and understanding of Indigenous Australian history, language and culture in New South Wales schools.

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