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One of the following Linux distributions: •Red Hat 6.2 with Kernel 2.2.12 •Red Hat 9 with Kernel 2.4.20 •Fedora Core 8 with Kernel 2.6.23 or 2.6.24 8K kernel stack size required.Note The VPN Client does not support SMP (multiprocessor) or 64-bit processor kernels.If you are using Internet Explorer, use version 5.0, Service Pack 2 or higher.

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Refer to Chapter 2, "Installing the VPN Client," in the system, you need –CD-ROM drive (if you are installing from CD-ROM) –Administrator privileges •The following table indicates the system requirements to install the VPN Client on each of the supported platforms.On i386 32-bit operating systems, this release is not a Beta.The VPN Client now requires GLIBC_2.2 and libstdc 5.( –Microsoft Certificate Services — Windows 2000 –A digital certificate stored on a smart card.The VPN Client supports smart cards via the MS CAPI Interface.

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