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If you both signed a written when starting the business, it is likely that you included a clause detailing how long the partnership is intended to operate for and what the outcome would be on the occurrence of death or permanent disability.Often this can provide for a few different options including: .Both you and your partner, along with your respective spouses enter into this agreement to negotiate the terms and conditions of the transfer of the partnership share in the event of death or permanent disability.These are often created to ensure the process is clear and certain and will run smoothly if the event occurs.We can help you get through the difficult time ahead by providing tailored advice and solutions to address your individual circumstances.Upon complete liquidation of a limited liability company (LLC) classified as a partnership, a distributee member generally does not recognize gain unless the cash and the fair market value (FMV) of marketable securities distributed exceed the outside basis in his or her LLC interest (Secs. (Note that this column addresses the complete liquidation of an LLC as opposed to liquidation payments made to a retiring member or a deceased member's successor in interest.) Likewise, no gain or loss is recognized by the LLC on a liquidating distribution (Sec. These general rules regarding gain or loss on liquidation are a major reason for formation as an LLC rather than as a corporation.This can create avoidable stress for both yourself and your partner’s estate and can be very time-consuming.

A business partner passing away can be tough both personally and professionally.

If a CC or Pty has never traded, or a CC or Pty has no assets or liabilities then you can apply in terms of the Companies Act or The Close Corporations Act to have the entity deregistered.

A cooperative is a business owned and controlled equally by the people who use its services or who work at it. All business, no matter what entity, are registered and deregistered through CIPRO.

You might have worked together for a long time and built the business up to be a successful enterprise for both of you.

What happens to your share in the business depends on a number of factors.

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