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Heʼs also a regular Keiji Haino collaborator in Aihiyo and more recently in Hardy Soul.

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Surprisingly delicate in parts, but it's obvious his work with Haino has had an ear splitting effect.

“ Hirsch’s command of extended vocal techniques imparts enormous variety to her music.

The tone of her voice can range from audacious vulnerability, to charismatic intimacy (especially in the story-telling segments), to hallucinatory excursions floating effortlessly out of the spoken/sung voice and into pure Hirschian singing. Special thanks to NEXT festival for organising the show. " New York improvising vocalist, composer, and performance artist Shelley Hirsch met the Swiss turntables and electronic musician Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) at a festival in Biel, Switzerland, where they were both performing solo.

A deep interest in algorithmic computer processes is his guiding principal.

Yet from this apparently cold approach to making music comes vivid, dramatic, sound art, packed with rich emotional layers that never operate at the level of the trite and illustrative.

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