Love triangle dating show

Chapman even tried her hand at politics, running unsuccessfully for a Delaware state Senate seat as a Republican in 2016.

She later took a job as a communications manager for U. “The fast-pace, excitement and impact of being at the epicenter of our country’s government system was inspiring and invigorating every day,” Chapman wrote on her website.

She didn’t want Chapman to realize that something was amiss, he said.

When Chapman walked into her house, Gerardot pounced. Officers arrived at the scene within minutes, and were met by an unexpected visitor.

Once inside, the officers found Chapman dead in the kitchen from a single gunshot wound to the head. There were emails and text messages indicating what she planned to do.

Jennair Gerardot was dead, too; she’d committed suicide by turning her Taurus Tracker .357 revolver on herself. Detectives are still sorting that out.” Why, then, was Mark Gerardot in the area?

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