Mating dating and manhandling

There Scarlett stood, hooped-out and surrounded by a huge flock of men. It would take some years before I would fully understand her man- catching secret.

And as she basked in the center of all that fabulous male attention, she looked just like the cat that ate the canary! Scarlett Deconstructed Scarlett O'Hara possessed the mind-set of Flock Consciousness.

I think there was probably some good stuff in here but it was obscured by all the painful bird analogies. This book was a gift from a friend and is one of my most cherished books.

An excellent look at the intricacies of dating and relationships without being too serious but also helpful tips for anyone needing a kick start dating. Met my husband 6 months later after reading this book.

Warning: The problem is that most men like to date women exactly the other way around.

[testimonials design=”clean” backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=”” random=”” class=”” id=””][testimonial name=”Kate Walsh” avatar=”image” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”Actress, Private Practive” link=”” target=”_self”]”As one of her Romantic Researchers, I can tell you that Lauren’s Manhandling techniques are spot on!

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When it comes to your love life, “winging it” is for the birds.

You’ll also learn guidelines for successful man selection. This smooth talker sings your praises but develops laryngitis when it comes to making a commitment. Solve your dating dilemmas by learning:• The power of Flock Appeal: Learn fabulous flirt techniques and the best ways to work the field.• Date interrogation: How to assess whether he’s Mr.

Wrong or if he’s flying right.• The secret bargaining power of your exclusivity: How to have “the Talk” about monogamy, and when to give him a timely ultimatum.• Manhandling Tips and Romantic Rules: Nip bad behavior in the bud by learning effective boundary-setting techniques.• “Magic words” guaranteed to soothe your savage beast.

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