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To leave under the conditions I left isn’t how I would have wanted to leave. I do appreciate them because they’re very passionate.

But at a moment’s notice they’ll be the first to be hypocritical.

I knew it was going to be tough from an in-ring and out-of-ring perspective. Now I’m moving on to Smack Down and things will be bigger and better than ever.

Then you have guys like Rey Mysterio, JBL who has come so far; he’ll be interesting to work with. When I go to Smack Down, my goal is to be the World Heavyweight Champion at some point. To me, if you don’t go in there with the goal to become the Champion, you’re not going in with the right mindset.

Instead of looking at the glass half full, they’ll look at it half empty.

They didn’t look at as me coming back to the place I always dreamed of working and that I was going to be in a high-profile situation.

Now I’m going back to Smack Down and I won’t be dealing with Lita, or dealing with Jeff (Hardy) or dealing with Shannon (Moore).

It’s just going to be Matt Hardy worrying about Matt Hardy, and I’m more focused and more motivated than I’ve ever been. Who are you most looking forward to working with on Smack Down?

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