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He plays Justin Morgan on the popular Channel Seven soap Home And Away.But even James Stewart admits that middle-aged men, himself included, tend to have 'a few pizzas around the midsection' compared to the show's young stars.

We give men the tools, strategies, and motivation to handle all of this and more. Get every issue of Men’s Health Magazine and unlimited access to over 150 top magazines in one app, including back issues. Men’s Health is an essential read for guys who want to look better, feel better, and live better. It’s the solution for every bit of chaos, confusion, or suffering that the world can inflict on the male of the species. Get unlimited access to your favorite magazines including back issues anytime, anywhere using our app. About Texture: Texture allows you to access to over 150 of the world best digital magazines.So the 42-year-old decided to take part in Australian Men's Health's eight-week body transformation program with fitness director Chief Brabon, following in the footsteps of Larry Emdur and others to get the 'action hero' body he so desired.'I wasn't feeling overweight, but I didn't feel in shape,' James explained.'I've got a couple of mates at home in the same boat: with T-shirts on they've still got broad shoulders and can lift decent weights, but it's all a bit wobbly.'James' regime over the two-month festive period involved four to five workouts a week, sometimes after the father-of-one had already worked 14 hours on set.

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