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For each person who utilizes Microsoft Outlook for much or even the majority of their time at the computer, there is some add-in that was made just for them, that fits their activities in the most time-saving manner...

Now Actual Contacts for Outlook has the full functionality of Contacts Verifier add-in which was earlier offered as a separate tool for Outlook. It often happens that new contacts are acquired during after exhibitions and seminars where you may only have managed to note their names and e-mail addresses.

I checked and saw all of my contacts were still there, so I tried a manual sync of my Microsoft account which did not resolve the issue.

I then tried all of the suggestions I found in these and other forums such as changing a contact (both on the phone and on, adding some contacts to a group, doing a soft reset, etc...

Hello, Starting on Friday morning, June 28, my contacts (People) stopped syncing from my account to my Lumia 920.

My first indication of a problem was that I was receiving text messages from phone numbers, rather than them being identified by their name; even though these are people who were previously in my contacts.

Ahmed Fathi ADCBRead more testimonials Leave your testimonial Puzzled by your Outlook not adding existing senders and recipients to the list of Contacts? The good news is that it can be fixed with the help of Add Contacts add-in for Outlook...This add-in for Outlook is also able to check your address-book.It takes it a few minutes to inform you about the contacts that contain invalid email addresses.After one year you can continue use installed version of the product without any limitations but if you would like to get technical support or to download new version of the product the license renew is required.To get a status of your license and to renew it please follow the Tickets system on the web-site.

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