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They’re also known as the guys who taught the SAS how to track people through the jungle back in the 1950’s and ‘60’s.The motto: We’d be tempted to carve these four words into our tombstone if we weren’t worried that doing so would cause it to catch on fire and turn into a jet like Starscream.We need an answer to this question, so please get back to us soon, Isreal.Armed with everything from bulldozers to minesweeping robots named after members of the A-Team, the Combat Engineering Corps are the bigger, badder, and better-equipped brother of the Armored Corps we just talked about.The fact that the Royal Ranger Regiment’s motto is basically them screaming that the only way they’ll stop fighting is if they die is just proof that Malaysia is probably where all of the coolest dinosaurs came from.Reading about the Israeli military is like researching alternate Batman origin stories.

Then again, since the unit was apparently founded on April Fools’ day, maybe Canadian officials think the group is an elaborate prank just waiting to be revealed.But that’s exactly what the Pakistani Navy did, and while it is true that the Pakistani Navy has stealth ships, they only had those made in 2008.That means for five decades the Pakistani Navy was advertising how stealthy it was when it had no real way to sneak up on people.Everything seems kind of familiar, give or take a few additional, hilarious details.For example, for many years the Israeli military issued all of its soldiers guns, which isn’t that strange since most soldiers are given guns these days, except for Australian commandos, who are given huntsman spiders and bottles of Koala pee.

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