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(Note: The speed dating portion would take about an hour and a half to complete.) By doing this on Saturday it allows the out of towners who found a match to perhaps meet up on Sunday for some longer one on one time prior to leaving.Remember the idea is just to help people who may otherwise never meet some facetime to see if there is a connection it is only the first step.

FORMAT: Saturday Evening 7pm: (10) Tables would be set up and men would move around and spend 5-8 minutes with each lady. Everyone will be issued a Match Sheet where you make selections.REQUIREMENTS: To have an event we would need a minimum of 10 men and 10 women.If you are interested please contact me along with weekends in September and October that you are free.*********Old Stuff****** Here is the plan for this village.Step 1 see what type of interest there is in having a Muslim Speed Dating event (this is in progress). Note: Just to be clear I have been checking the profiles of people who want to join this village to make sure that they are form the USA and Canada (i.e. The idea is to make this village useful for people who are interested in this sort of event.

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