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The journals can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, and used (with attribution as specified by the Creative Commons Attribution License).

The PLo S also publishes a blog providing an insider’s view of what’s going on at PLo S.

PNAS is available by subscription weekly in print, and daily online before the printed version in the PNAS Early Edition.

For individuals only in the online Early Edition format only, it costs 5/year.

How Stuff Works is also available as an i Pad app, an i Phone app, and an Android app.Science boasts an estimated total readership of one million.Lessons and tools for educating K-12 kids can be found on their Science Net Links site.National Public Radio (NPR) creates and distributes news, information, and music to a network of almost a thousand independent stations.They have a special science page on their website with scientific news and information about many topics, such as the environment, energy, space, technology, and research news.

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    In fact, the younger you are, the odds higher are that you’re actually going to have fewer partners than previous generations.

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    He said: 'The most compelling explanation was that slimmer women are, on average, more sexually attractive to men (resulting in more frequent sex, stronger erections, and greater satisfaction).

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