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The MNJTF, which was agreed in May last year supposed to have been operational in November, has been backed by the African Union as well as Britain, the United States and France., Chad and Niger dating back to 1998 in the Lake Chad region where all three countries share a border, collapsed in January after Boko Haram attacked its base in Baga. All five countries agreed earlier this year to boost cooperation to contain the regional threat posed by the Islamist group, whose violent insurgency has killed at least 15,000 since 2009.A military coalition of and border regions since February, with reported success.

The Society welcomes the gift of local objects, printed material, paintings and photographs to add to the collections. Summary No evidence of medieval buildings was found during the investigation of Trench 1 . The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine ^im^^T^inr^ Volume 93 2000 The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine Volume 93 2000 NORAi AN DAVEY. Copyright of any material that has been extracted from the History of Parliament is herewith acknowledged. The layers at the very base of the feature were waterlogged and some pieces of wood were preserved in these deposits.For many years he worked at the Buildings Research Establishment, and designed the model dam on which the bouncing bomb was tested by Barnes Wal Hs. We acknowledge with thanks publication grants for this volume from the following bodies: Salisbury District Council, for the paper, 'Excavations at Ivy Street and Brown Street, Salisbury, 1994', by Mick Rawlings; the Trustees of St John's Hospital, Wilton, the Trustees of the Matrons' College, Salisbury, and Dr. John's Hospital and South Street', by Phil Andrews et al.; Transco, for the paper, 'Excavations along the Littleton Drew to Chippenham Gas Pipeline', by Clifford Bateman; Wiltshire County Council, for the note, 'Excavations of Bronze Age and Romano-British sites along the Chippenham Western Bypass A4 to A350 Link', by Clifford Bateman and Dawn Enright; and Lovell Parmerships (Southern) Ltd, for the note, 'Excavations at Vale's Lane, Devizes, 1996-7, by Phil Andrews and Lorraine Mepham. A tale of two manors; Zeals, a Wiltshire village, by Steven Hobbs Books also noted ^ ^"° Obituaries ^^^ 269 Desmond Hawkins Eve Machin ' , • 270 272 Michael Lansdown 273 Index, by Philip Aslett The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society The Society was founded in 1853. Projecting from the Ivy Street frontage at the southern end of the trench was a section of wall footing recorded for a total length of approximately 4m (306).If possible, all original artwork should not exceed A3 before reduction. Estimation of the original position of the medieval frontage below the current pavement area suggests a true width of c. At the northern end of the structure an extension to the rear resulted in a potential original width of c. This extension was found to be an integral part of the building from the initial phase of construction rather than a later addition, although examination of the floor deposits suggested that it may have been a separate room. Higher magnifications with transmitted light were used when studying some plant tissues.Drawings should be produced on drafting film or high quality white paper using black ink. The external walls of the building were founded on dwarf wall footings (857, 979, 985), each of which comprised a band of gravel and mortar c. red bartsia/eyebright 2 Cirsium cf enophorurn woolly dnistle 1 Cirsium cf \-ulgare spear thistle 2 Cirsium sp. For identification it was often necessary to allow items, a few at a time, to partially dry so that surface features could be more easily seen.

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