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Posted by adminply on Oct 28, 2013 Phantom Lake YMCA Camp is a nurturing environment unknown to most children.Where campers help each other, build each other up, include one another.Curiously, while most nudity-averse cultures will make exceptions when it comes to displaying sculptures of the human form, Iceland’s sculpturing tradition is so recent that this is not notable here.The art of sculpting only really began in the early 1900s with the works of Einar Jónsson.Though his work is dotted all over the city, his subjects are most often fully clothed."Elf Play" by August Malmström. Most of the folk stories of Iceland tell some important truths of what the country was like historically—and, therefore, many of them contain ancient lessons in morality.

Until the Reformation, Iceland was Catholic, and thus the people were encouraged to celebrate the birthdate of Saint John the Baptist on June 24th.

The Slut Walk often features toplessness, as does the Reykjavík Pride parade.

Photo Credit: The Icelandic Phallological Museum No article on nudity in Iceland would be complete without a reference to the world’s only Phallological Museum, located on Laugavegur by the Hlemmur Square Bus Station.

However, this day already had a purpose in the Norse faith.

There was an existing tradition of rolling naked in the morning dew to secure luck for the year to come.

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