Nyc dating scene

On a recent night, with Valentine’s Day looming, I went out for drinks with a woman I know and a few of her friends.

It was a Thursday, and the bar they chose, Bondurants, on the Upper East Side, was packed with people just like them: good-looking, semi-affluent millennials, downing craft beer and milling about in hungry-looking, monosexual clusters.

There was the bearded Brooklyn user who rarely goes on dates yet chats with his matches, chastely, often for weeks on end.

There was the Wall Street user who slavishly served a match by folding her laundry and picking up her groceries.

I watched her thumb Max a quick invitation on her i Phone. Engineers at Hinge said women in the West Village and men in Chelsea got the most right swipes, while women on Staten Island and men in the Bronx were the most outgoing, initiating the greatest number of chats.

Beyond these findings, social scientists say apps like Tinder are incredibly effective at identifying a local population of potential mates and at helping people contact one another (through instant-message systems), particularly in large, anonymous places like New York, where traditional modes of introduction — family connections or religious institutions — might not be available.

The first, which plays off our desire for instant gratification, is a location function that lets those seeking companionship search for people in their area.

She had just related a particularly seamy Tinder story (Day of the Dead, quickie sex, cocaine) and asked that her last name not be mentioned, saying she had recently had a stalker and also feared that her father, or employer, might read about her feats.

Imitators have added their own twists: Down lets you identify Facebook friends you think are attractive; Zoosk learns your preferences and shows profiles similar to ones you’ve previously liked; Happn zeros in on people you’ve crossed paths with in the past. According to the company, there are now about one million Tinder users in New York, the largest market in the country (Los Angeles is second).

The app’s popularity is based on two chief aspects of its software.

Their erotic energy was focused on the touchscreens of their smartphones.

Each of them had six or seven Tinder chats going simultaneously.

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