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Below are tips that can help you have an amazing phone sex with the other person. But if you want the session to go well, it is recommended that you plan ahead especially if it is your first time doing it together.By setting a date, you and your partner will be able to prepare your mind for it making it more exciting.At only .99 per minute, Cum On Phone Fantasies is as cheap as it gets for a phone fantasy.The .99 cent service is just a preview of what you’ll get once you upgrade to the live 1on1 chat.

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There are no numbers to call, instead you browse the profiles of all the girls that are online and you then choose which one you want to talk “Go Private” with.

Most people call these systems late at night when they are feeling horny and want to get off while talking dirty to someone else.

What only a few people know is that there are so many more chatlines than what you see on TV, and that most of them offer a free trial period of between 30 to 60 minutes!

If it is a particularly slow night, or you are feeling generous for some reason, you can buy minutes to talk to a professional PSO that will blow your mind.

Free chatlines are really good if you are on a budget.

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