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I do feel bad, but more so because I can't stop thinking about it ... I'm a manager of a chain grocery store in a very small town in western Canada (3000ish people). We've been together since high school, and I've never been with another guy before, with the exception of one time in university when I was kissed by a guy. So this happened about 5 years ago and it was very exciting to me.We were studying together, I totally didn't see it coming and I didn't let it last very long, I was honest with my now husband about it, since it really wasn't my fault. I had been married for 10 years and I always had fantasies of watching my wife with another man.She shared her discussions with him with me and I made sure she had my ... My wife is a good woman and was a virgin when we met.Our sex life has included cuckold fantasy for the majority of our marriage and she has always gotten extremely aroused fantasizing about cuckolding me and sleeping with other men.

Us because we had kids and it was free rent, him because he's a bum and an asshole. She doesn't usually ask but obviously this is a special situation.

This all changed when she got pretty close to a guy she works with and discussed my fantasy with him.

He, of course, said he would be more than happy to make my fantasy a reality. I desperately want to watch my wife have sex with her ex boyfriend Jeff.

Hi, So, this story started out as a response to someone asking for advice about the same situation.

Figured once I poured my heart out might as well make my own blog post about it.

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