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I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa and I’m currently completing an online program in autism and behavioural sciences.When I’m not studying you can find me at the gym, cooking up a new recipe, or working on this blog!Being successful in life is obviously an attractive quality; however, it’s the characteristics that got you to where you are that you should be discussing, not your new vacation home or luxury car.Talking about your wealth or material possessions in your profile can come across as inauthentic, cocky, or narcissistic; which is likely not what you’re going for (I mean, if it is, then by all means, carry on…).“Newly single”, “he/she cheated on me”, “why do the people I love always leave me? and if you realize you’re still wallowing in the past, take a step back and figure things out before involving another person.

Online dating isn’t a guessing game, so take the guess-work out of it.

If you’re older than 21, your prom photos have no place on your dating profile.

Keep your photos recent so if you do end up meeting someone, they’re not surprised by your appearance when you show up for your date. We’ve all swiped by someone with a cute baby in their photo with the caption “not my kid” or “kid in the photo is my nephew”. You might also like How to Approach Women: Lines to Avoid and General Tips If you’ve managed to entice a viewer with your photos, they’re likely going to check out your bio and profile content before deciding if they’re really interested.

Renovating your online store improves your customer experience, which makes purchasing easier and in turn, increases your sales.

When it comes to optimizing your e Commerce store’s shopping experience, there’s no single fix – rather, it’s the result of many tiny changes that add up over time.

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