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With your typical selections of digital photo galleries and low/high bandwidth streaming video clips, the site is not overly original, except for the fact that it fills one of those atypical niches, or what one might even go so far as referring to as a fetish.

There is no faking the forms of these female specimens.

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I really enjoy the level of production in CFNM TV‘s video scenarios and especially find the British women in all their stuff to […]Of all CFNM situations, the one I personally know best is CFNM within the medical environment.

Hospitals, quick care clinics, and doctor’s offices are indeed prime environments for CFNM to occur.

To explain succinctly, technical difficulties with the video hosts delayed things big time!

But these two fantasy medical setting CFNM from CFNMEU are interesting enough to make up for at least part of the delay.

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