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In its early independent history, Kenya faced attempted coups and assassinations, and other internal unrest, but in more recent history, the country has stabilized.Neighboring Countries of Kenya Kenya shares borders with Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Kenya is located in the Africa Great Lakes region, and its main lakes include Lake Turkana, Lake Magadi, Lake Natron, and part of Lake Victoria.The Europeans began to arrive in 1498, beginning with the Portuguese and the voyage of Vasco da Gama, but they were met with resistance and unable to establish a permanent settlement.The British landed in Kenya in 1888, with the Imperial British East Africa Company, but they faced conflict with the nearby German colonies.Within cities, there are inexpensive local buses with frequent service.An alternate option for shorter distance travel is the matatu, or the minibuses, which can provide some excitement and adventure, which is to say that they can be driven recklessly and may not be well maintained, but are very inexpensive and fast.

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