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The more outrageous Asahi news and Le Monde become, the greater the hospitality conservative Americans receive. I am, sincerely, Mongai One of the contributions of Marxist Antonio Gramsci is the idea of "ideology" - a framework of ideas that people use to understand something (in order to use a doorknob, you have to have an "ideology" of the doorknob).

I think the modern pseudo-scientific understanding of ideology is "meme".

I know that the Nazis were bad but nowadays there are many people in the world (GOOD PEOPLE) who are germans and are hated at school and socially because we are German.

Just because it was Germany doesn't mean Germans are bad.

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My friend just got back from Paris and says this is true even there.

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While we're on the subject of Che Guevara (see the next post down), Ken Wheaton wonders why on earth any pacifist-leaning middle-class American would exalt a man who fought to the death against everything they stand for and believe in. Indeed, life has never been better for Americans abroad.

Most of the pacifists I meet in these parts are wild-eyed. Moving onto other things--I wanted to thank you for the excellent article on your travels in Tunisia.

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