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I sighed and told her who Jordan was, and the things he and his friend did to me as a teenager.

I told her every humiliating thing, inadvertently painting myself as a complete and total wimp while making Jordan and Dominick look like overpowering bullies.

What they bring back is legendary and worth every penny.

I shined Jordan’s shoes as fast as I could, knowing I also had to pick up his dry cleaning. We all agreed that I shouldn’t accompany them to the party, but Jordan threw me a bone and allowed me to drive him there. He and his buddy Dominick weren’t tough guys by any means, they were more on the preppy side, but they certainly gave me my share of humiliation, which included multiple swirlies, wedgies, and locker stuffing incidents. It all ended after we graduated, but much to my surprise, 10 years later, Jordan applied for a job at the company my wife and I worked at. The plan was to hire someone as my assistant, as my administrative tasks weren’t being delegated properly.

Upon seeing me, my wife asked me if I congratulated Jordan on his new position.

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My wife brought him up in bed that night, referring to him as the “cute one”.Much to my shock, she told me Jordan was the number one contender, noting he was over-qualified.I became nervous – Jordan was back in my head, 10 years later. Even though we weren’t teenagers anymore, he was capable of making me look bad without laying a hand on me.Featuring the most popular hardcore adult stars in hundreds of porn movies, delivers the best XXX scenes in all sizes and colors: Castings, Teens, Anal, Interracial…Since 1965 Retro Vintage Porn Archive Enjoy 50 years of porn, from the sexual revolution of the 60s to the sophisticated lust of the 90s, plus the blockbuster series that made Private movies the most sought-after material of legions of men for decades, from the videotape era to the dvd days.

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