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But when he began to unzip the zipper, I had no choice but to take a deep breath and prepare for his reaction.

In that pocket was a box of candy, although this was no ordinary box of M&Ms.

(Of course, I wasn’t about to risk it and so I wrote them all down in the end.) Several hours later, on the ground in Washington D.

C., I approached the Immigration Counter and handed over my form.

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As the Customs Officer pulled it out of my backpack, he demanded an explanation and even suggested that I had used the burqa in order to move undetected throughout the tribal regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.Every time I tried to mention the other books, and the one time I tried to ask why that question was even relevant, I was immediately cut off and told to be quiet.So in the end, the only reply I gave to his question was, “What?I had been walking around on my own when he suddenly came out of nowhere, grabbed my arm and stopped me from walking up a hill that turned out to be littered with land mines.This kid had practically no possessions to his name, yet he wanted to give me a gift for spending some time with him.

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