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Whether it uses mirrors or lenses, the resolving power of every telescope is limited by some fundamental constraints determined by the wavelength of the light that’s being observed and by the size of the aperture.Because light is a wave it experiences “diffraction” which makes it “ooze around corners” and generally end up going in the wrong directions.Kiki earthquakes economics education environment ethics evolution fossils geology Ghost Hunting ghosts global warming God homeopathy intelligent design james randi journalism media medicine michael shermer morality nasa paleontology paranormal politics pseudoscience Psychics psychology religion science science denialism scope SETI Shermer skeptical history skepticism skeptoid Skeptologists TV ufo ufos vaccines video February 12th is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin.This year is also the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of the Species – arguably one of the most important scientific publications ever.In addition to being far from everything else, here on the surface of Earth we’re stuck at the bottom of an ever-moving sea of air.In exactly the same way that the surface of water scatters light, air makes it difficult for astronomers to practice their dread craft.

It would have to come together fully formed and integrated.If we ever get around to building something bigger on the Moon, like mines or cities or president’s heads, then we shouldn’t have nearly as much trouble seeing it from Earth.Answer Gravy: It turns out that the best/biggest telescopes we use today on Earth are can’t detect things the size and distance of the lunar landers using visible light.TEN MAJOR FLAWS OF EVOLUTION – REVISED by Randy Alcorn (with additional editing by Jim Darnall).I wrote the following article many years ago, but it needed to be thoroughly revised and updated.

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