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In order to allow for greater freedom of movement, SCP-824 has thin, flexible bark that is easily damaged by sharp objects.

Due to this and its lack of natural defenses from pathogens, SCP-824 is highly susceptible to infection and infestation.

Item #: SCP-824 Object Class: Euclid-alterier Special Containment Procedures: Eighteen specimens of SCP-824 and two specimens of SCP-824-1 are to be kept at a dedicated greenhouse at Site 41.

No other plants are to be planted in this greenhouse.

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Addendum: In 2011, several specimens of SCP-824 were found outside of containment on ████████████ Island, Japan.There, instead of consuming all plant matter within reach, SCP-824-1 will feed exclusively on weeds and dead plants, leaving living apple trees entirely untouched.Upon encountering a ripe apple, SCP-824-1 will gently grasp it and remove it from the branch, lowering the branch(es) now holding the apple to roughly 1.5 meters off the ground until it is removed.Upon plants being procured by the branches, they will be passed down into this area.The roots will use the stones to grind plants into a powder, from which the roots are then able to derive nutrients, water, and minerals.

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