Rich millionaires dating

, while the company I signed on with had a less-impressive IPO.

Press accounts do not specify if Heimburger's stock option wealth ran into the millions, but it is known that the 26-year-old was able to pay 0,000 cash for Cleveland's Franklin Castle, which she hoped to turn into a bed and breakfast.

While Heimburger worked on the West Coast, someone snuck into the castle and set it on fire, doing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

It was insured, but repairs did not proceed swiftly, perhaps because the economy tanked, or perhaps because of the owner's distance from the property.

The building had no running water, which didn't stop the caretaker who lived in the carriage house from marketing it as a members-only club, or from pitching a reality ghost hunting/renovation show.Name: Michelle Heimburger How she got rich: Stock options What she spent it on: Haunted hometown castle In 1999, I was a 20-something from the Midwest, working as a Web surfer for a small San Francisco Internet company.One day I picked up the San Jose Mercury News to read that someone my age, with the same job as me, but at another company, had become so wealthy on stock options that she was able to buy a reportedly haunted castle in her Midwestern hometown. It would be understating the case to say I was jealous that Michelle Heimburger happened to work for Yahoo!Ultimately he lost the people he loved most — the teenage granddaughter whom he'd vowed to spoil when he accepted his winnings died of a drug overdose, his wife divorced him, and his daughter died.Whittaker eventually said he wished he'd torn up his winning ticket.

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