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They soon ran inside the abandoned Visitor Center made for Jurassic Park upon hearing the engine of an automobile nearby.

Once he and Claire were inside they discovered that the boys had repaired one of the old Jeep Wrangler Staff Vehicles that was being kept in the garage.

With his raptors dead, Owen now shifted his focus on protecting Claire's nephews, while she, due to a realization from Gray, went to summon the park's Tyrannosaurus rex from her paddock to fight the I. Owen and her nephews barely escaped the attack from the two giant theropods, and the T. rex teamed up to attack the hybrid head on, while Owen, Claire and her nephews tried to evade the battle.

After being flung to the edge of the park's lagoon where the T. rex eventually met her demise when the park's resident Mosasaurus jumped out of the water and dragged her under the wave. Rex decided to spare Blue's life, and Owen decided to release her into the wild.

He then distracted Blue from attacking Barry who had run to a nearby log to evade her.

Upon regrouping with Claire, Zach and Gray at the Innovation Center, Owen, Claire and the boys made their way into Henry Wu's lab, only to find some In Gen Security personnel taking all of Wu's hybrid embryos during the evacuation protocol.

After commanding the Raptor Paddock's security not to fire their taser rifles, Owen confronted his pack allowing Barry to drag Leon out of the enclosure and Owen calmed down his raptors.

rex in the ensuing fight; with Delta being incinerated after being thrown into the steakhouse's grill, and Echo getting tossed away. rex could kill her, they witnessed the surprise return of Blue, having managed to survive her earlier attack, and both the raptor and the T.

He went to visit the paddock with Claire only to find the Indominus rex not in her paddock, believing the claw marks on the paddock's wall to be evidence that she escaped.

So he, Ellis, and the paddock's supervisor, Nick, went inside to investigate.

After Charlie killed an In Gen Security Division trooper, she saw Owen who refused to shoot her.

Seconds later, one of the In Gen troopers fired a missile launcher at her, killing Charlie, much to Owen's sadness.

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