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The clean-up process is designed to "eliminate any residual trace of the agent to remove risk".Sites classified as "public service" sites, including the Bourne Hill police station and the Salisbury and Amesbury ambulance stations, will see work starting "in the next few weeks", along with the Maltings.Work is scheduled to start at Zizzi immediately afterwards, followed by DS Nick Bailey's house.It will take "some months" to return the sites to use, but Defra said they hoped this would be completed by the end of 2018.In 1668 Sir Christopher Wren was called on to survey the spire.Wren found that it was leaning nearly 30 inches out of plumb, and had iron tie-rods inserted to brace it. An old saying records that there are as many pillars as there are hours in the year, and as many windows as there are days.What is not so well known is that the medieval builders of the spire accomplished their masterpiece with foundations only 5 to 6 feet deep in the wet ground to take the strain of 6400 tonnes.Because of that wet ground, the cathedral has been subject to structural stress over the centuries.

Unlike its cousins, Salisbury did not evolve gradually over centuries, with constant additions and renovations.

Tower Tours: “An awesome experience and the very best way to appreciate the magnificence of the Cathedral and the most impressive view of Salisbury.” Debhorne47, Trip Advisor. Visit the Cathedral’s 15th century Library which contains over 10,000 books dating as far back as the 9th century, then enjoy a delicious cream tea in our Refectory Restaurant. (Due to access restrictions this tour may not be suitable for some.) Graffiti Tours: Climb to triforium level on a medieval Graffiti Tour to view ancient Arabic carpentry markings, believed to be amongst the earliest in the country, and enjoy a photo opportunity looking down the full length of the Nave.

Climb 332 steps to the foot of our famous spire for a ‘behind the scenes’ experience which offers the most spectacular views of both the inside and the outside of the Cathedral. Tours details can be found at Adult – £12.50 Child (7-17yrs) – £8 Family – £30 Library Tour and Tea: “An excellent tour, very informative and educational. Tours begin in May 2017 and have a maximum of 8 spaces. Opening hours: Open daily year round Open for worship: – Mondays to Saturdays – Sundays Open for visitors: – Mondays to Saturdays – Sundays Opening hours are subject to change due to services and events.

Defra warned that some cordons will be increased in size to allow work to be carried out, but said this would take place over a matter of days rather than weeks.

The process involves taking samples from the site and testing them for the nerve agent, removing contaminated items and incinerating them, and then chemical cleaning if it still required.

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