Scott peterson dating

A pair of pliers became a key piece of evidence in the trial because they contained a single strand of Laci’s hair.

However, the pliers were rusted closed, despite being found only days after Laci’s disappearance.

Peterson was transported to Death Row at San Quentin Prison ...Up to that point, while Peterson’s behavior may not have been what the public would expect of a grieving husband, the public had little reason to believe he had killed his wife, nor did Laci’s family, the Rochas, who had rejected any idea that he was involved.Once they found out about Frey, they turned immediately and irrevocably against him.Her husband, Scott, had left their Modesto home that day for Berkeley, where he took a small aluminum motor boat out for some fishing in San Francisco Bay.Scott got home that night and called his mother-in-law, Sharon Rocha, to ask if Laci was there. A massive search, bolstered by members of the tight-knit Modesto community, was organized while police investigated.

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