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Familiar things loomed out along the streets in unfamiliar forms.

Shadows became solid as mason-work-the size of every object was increased by indistinctness of outline.

As we drove along a miserable alley in the marine suburb of the county town near where we lived,-foul and unwholesome with decaying garbage, bordered by sailors' eating-houses and slop-shops with strange scarecrow garments flying idly in the wind —these forms and the dark figures that passed by us, half illuminated by the lamps of our little carriage, seemed like unearthly shapes-like night-mare visions which disturb our rest when the "terror walketh in darkness," and the veiled figure of Calamity which the imagination shapes from real events, stalks in the dim illimitable future.

Children who live nearer the Ideal world than we have frequent glimpses down many an abyss of mystery.

Earth limited our view of Heaven, it is true, but between the roofs of houses, squalid, dark, disreputable (as from their situation they must have been no doubt) the answering eyes of angels smiled down into our childish hearts out of the starry sky.

We drove under an archway, —under a brilliant lamp with a red bull's eye.

Their sense of beauty is awakened by admiration of the ruddy light, and of the sparks flying about in every direc 14 OUR COUSIN V E R O N I CA.

The atmosphere of our nursery was so refined, that ill things died away and left us pure.

going to the coach office to meet our cousin Lomax. I was two years younger than my brother Max, and I think the favorite of our father. My father's kindliness was a fertilizing stream which watered his whole life. The harness sank into his winter coat and made deep furrows in his hair.

Madleville, as the pony carriage, one English autumn evening, came round to the front door, "I am.

It seems as if the angels whispered solemn thoughts into the heart of childhood, or rather, as if, like the sea-shell, which, they say" Remembers its august abodes, And murmurs as the ocean murmurs there," a faint remembrance of secrets brought out of the land of mystery lingered round our spirits in our infant days.

So Max and I watched the broad-shouldered, swarthy smith, bending into shape a shoe for one of Sir Harris Howard's carriage horses.

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