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They hold car doors even though the vehicle isn't fancy; pay for dinner even if they don't have a lot of money; and give you their gloves even if it's -30 out (yes, it gets that cold here).

The first couple of times any of the aforementioned things happened, I was stunned.

Your date is going to pick you up, or you're going to pick them up -- at what is probably their whole entire house, not apartment. Early on in my bartending stint, I met a woman who was carrying on an affair while her husband was on his final deployment overseas.

I knew this because everyone in town was abuzz about it, whispering about her -- and her husband, and what would happen when he came home.

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And it's not because of my disarmingly good looks -- to be at the top of the dating food chain requires little more than possessing an unfamiliar face, different last name, and the occupation of a reasonable weight class. There was a mystery and allure attached to a single woman in her late 20s moving alone to the middle of nowhere.

Now, going out with guys in other, busier parts of the world where chivalry is lacking, is strange.

This whole "I don't want my date to know where I live because he/she might be a serial killer" thing just doesn't exist out here. ) for anyone you go out with, you're basically guaranteed to come out of the encounter unscathed.

Here, people still go out for dinner on their dates.

Other popular romantic outings include four-wheeling, kayaking, hiking, mudding (don't admit it if you don't know what that is), sledding (known to city types as "snowmobiling"), drive-in movie theaters, and boating around one of the lakes or rivers for the day.

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