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Quite often this term is used to address human-like online assistants representing organizations, commercial firms and brands.

These virtual assistants are able to answer questions and perform tasks through conversational dialogs with humans.

Available tools assure high-quality lip-synching, building new body-types, clothing, and animation.

You can build an Avatar which looks and speaks exactly like you or any other character you want!

This video shows Cassandra’s conversation on the subject of planets with Emmett Coin, technological founder of ej Talk.

Cassandra demonstrates multimodal interaction (pointing and speech), emotions and gestural elements.

Santos can autonomously walk, talk and answer questions.

For example, Santos can perform a task and tell whether over months and years it will cause back strain. Department of Defense at the University of Iowa as part of the Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) program to help reduce physical strain on soldiers.

One of the manifestations of the ej Talk conversation engine is Avatar Cassandra.This video showcases an overview of examples of Haptek’s full-body characters.Our directory page lists a few other tools you can use to create an Avatar for AI chatbots on your website. In Sanskrit Avatar’s meaning expanded beyond the strictly religious, signifying a personification, an embodiment, an incarnation or a representation of an idea, a concept, an object, a man, or a woman.Avatars are the visual representations of real or artificial intelligence in the virtual world.They look like human beings, human-like (often animated) characters or other living creatures.

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