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I tried not to look, as it would only drive me crazy, but I couldn't help it.I was drawn to those tan perfectly shaped feet, with their bright red toe nail polish, like a moth to a flame. Richards." I said lamely, feeling myself blush a little as several of the other students around me laughed. Dion, my initial question was; 'are you paying attention', and I believe you just answered that." "Sorry Mrs.Pushing that from my mind before unwanted images began forming; I went back to thinking how I was too embarrassed to mention it to my first couple of girlfriends.In hindsight this was kind of stupid, as who knew maybe they might have let me play.

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Most guys, and don't get me wrong me as well, are obsessed with girls tit's and asses and will stare whenever they can.Click here to return to the page you were visiting. I sighed and jumped again as a paperclip hit my hand.If you were to follow my eyes one would think I was looking at her legs, which don't get me wrong were more than worth checking out and I had, but the focus of my attention was at the end of those long legs.What I really had my eye on was Miranda's incredibly sexy feet.

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