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She never testified in court because she sold her story to the press.

He also spoke to Dateline, saying: 'We wanted to make the location look lived in and stand with all of its regalness, so that the jurors would say, OJ Simpson would not have risked all of this for this woman.

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And that's the God's honest truth.'A lot of times, people would say: "He looked like a deer in the headlights." It's because I sat in with the prosecution for over 20 hours and if a question came in during the trial, I was going "I don't remember that question." Mr Goldman, 73, said: 'The loss is exactly the same. Without any of the opportunity to share his life with him, his joys, his happinesses, his successes…

all of that is gone.' The bloody glove: 'If it doesn't fit you must acquit,' said defense attorney Johnnie Cochran about the bloody glove found at the guest bungalow in back of OJ's Rockingham home.

Jill Shively (right) said she saw Simpson drive past her close to the crime scene minutes after the murders were believed to have taken place.

She did not testify because she sold her story to the media Defense attorney Carl Douglas told Dateline that he redecorated OJ's house to give the jury a better impression of it before viewing. They play hard in the big leagues' Another witness Jill Shively told police she saw Simpson driving his white Bronco SUV near the crime scene minutes after the murders are believed to have taken place.

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