Siggy flicker dating advice

We are still feeling out what the dynamic will be between them all since Siggy’s connection to the group is through Jacqueline while Dolores is a both a friend of Jacqueline and Teresa.

She’s already proved to be extremely warm and friendly and a total diva, but in a good way!

After managing an amicable divorce which Siggy refers to as “Divorce Done Right” and raising two adorable kids, Siggy decided to use her years of life experiences and dating to help people find their perfect match.

She has met people from all walks of life and has always been the go to person for motivation, inspiration, and raw “no holds barred” advice on love, beauty and fashion.

This brutally honest Life Coach/Matchmaker lives by the mantra, “change your life by changing your attitude”.

Call her the dating expert, the life coach or the motivator, Siggy is the real deal.

In the same boat as us, is newest franchise addition, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy …

One of the newest cast members this season is relationship expert, Siggy Flicker!Featuring practical exercises, real-life success stories, and lessons Siggy learned the hard way, Write Your Own Fairy Tale is a wake-up call for everyone looking for love—and a guide for making sure you get the happiness you truly deserve. Siggy Flicker is a relationship expert and matchmaker.She is a contributor to Marie Claire and appears regularly on The Wendy Williams Show, the Today show, Dr. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.That’s right — she was a reality star before becoming a Real Housewife! The show featured two clients who were both having trouble in their dating life. In each episode, she puts her clients on a blind test date where she secretly monitors them to assess their issues.At the end of each episode she lays out what their problems are and offers advice on how to improve their dating habits.

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