Singer featherweight 221 dating

He's a fan of these too and has 8 of them himself and declined to sell me one!He gave me a lot of advice when looking for one to buy.I asked Leo to email our collector friend LYNN ROWE in Canada and ask if she owned the machine, and if she still had it? And it had a 50/50 chance of being a 1933 Model instead of a 1934. LYNN ROWE for the use of her AD721468, oops - I mean her AD551900 MODEL-221 Born OCTOBER-17-1933.We feel safe to conclude that these machines, which had “new” serial numbers stamped, most likely originated in that first production batch shown as October 3, but extended past, by at least 2,500 machines, and were ignored until a year later, by which time Singer had already used the AD55**** numbers and modified them to AD72**** serial numbers and recorded them as 1934 vintage. And my Pal, Leo for all the 221 Arms he has had to pull, just for this article.If you have ever sewn on one you will understand why!As the demand for these machines has grown, so too has the information about the history of the machines that the Singer Sewing Machine Co.

Between the two us we have a day or two of hands on experience with 221's. We will always try to back up our facts with Pictures. We want to share the knowledge with all who care about the Featherweight! Leo has been working hard to get it up and running. We did a small bit on Forged 221’s in the APRIL 2010 QOW.WHAT we were doing wrong was chasing Forged 221’s with Forged serial number bases. I did and had it shipped straight to the FEATHERWEIGHT FACTORY.Leo was like a surgeon in waiting when it arrived and had the Arm removed and was emailing me the news.We are still learning and some questions will never be answered. He has a love for the 221 like nobody I have ever seen. To my knowledge this information is not in print anyplace but here. We also did a full article on AD72**** Forgeries in the NOVEMBER 2010 QOW.When Leo and I started the Question of the week, our intent was to clear up a lot of the Myths and Rumors about the 221. Anyone needing a nice 221 for a present or just for yourself? You may want to reread them to refresh your memory of what we're referring to here. Leo emailed me and said he was going to bid on the machine, and if it didn't go to high, he would buy it.

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