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It gives you the chance to weed out the good and the bad before meeting in person.Statistically, in Charlotte, there are more single women than single men, and while that can be frustrating for the [heterosexual] ladies, there are still plenty of good men out there.With any great city, as long as you put yourself out there, and keep your confidence high, you will have an abundance of fun and success dating in Charlotte.” -Amanda, 27“Dating in Los Angeles can be difficult because everyone is isolated in their cars and their neighborhoods, so you don’t bump into a cute stranger like you could in a more walkable city, like New York City.That being said though, people in Los Angeles are very active, so if you join a sports league or go to the same Cross Fit class every week, it forces you to strike up a conversation with someone.It’s one of the biggest metropolitan locations, so it makes sense that you’ll meet someone from anywhere.

It's New York City, there's always a better restaurant, a better bar, a better coffee shop, a better apartment, a better gym, a better slice of pizza.It's hard to find someone who won't go on one date with you and then disappear forever into the dating abyss.When you do find a good one, it seems like the mere mention of being serious will send them running.” -Courtney, 30“There’s absolutely no stigma to dating apps in San Francisco since almost everyone works in tech of some sort.Dating in NYC comes with a lot of FOMO — we always think we can do better because for the most part, we can.So we date reluctantly, always on the lookout for something better.

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