Sirius updating message

You should see the Updating SIRIUS message for about 7 minutes.

Sirius directed me to remove the micro SD card before performing the process.1.) Connected while on and started vehicle - good 2.) Connected while off and started vehicle - good 3.) Connected while Paused and vehicle on - good 4.) Plugged into dock while vehicle on and switching from Internet to Sat - good! The truth teller will be if this continues to work over the next week seeing how my symptoms were happening twice a week until recently. Apparently you and I are both getting good information on trying this.Thus far this morning I've done all the things you've done and it has all been good. Boy I am so happy about that, because once I would get this error, I would think have to hit the channel button a few times or at least wait up to 30 seconds for the SL2 to respond.However, typically for most folks it does indeed recovery your SL100 or SL10 with the latest ZAP/OS, Baseband and Boot Loader.So they have not really changed anything between the SL2 and the SL100/SL10.

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