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Many such sissies still think of themselves as men with a fetish, but I've got to tell you, honey -- that's some serious bullshit!You've probably already at least tried on a pair of panties and had a finger up your ass, and it's almost certain that you've fantasized about sucking a cock.If it's mostly you fucking your sissy twat with a dildo, then you'll want to step up to a nice strapon fucking.If you're already getting your sissy pussy pounded by a strong Mistress, then you'll be wanting a real cock -- one that will make you choke as it shoots strings of steamy cum down your sissy throat.But in either case, you have something in common -- whether it's real or wannbe, you are a Of course, you already know this, because everytime you dress, your mind always turns to cock. You simply cannot dress like a whore and not want to be fucked like one.Gurls on the top end of this range know what it feels like to make a cock hard, and they know the thrill of bringing it to orgasm.If you scored on the low end of this range, then you're probably still dreaming of real cum-filled cock.If you scored higher, then there's no doubt you already know what a pathetic little cockwhore you really are.

Once you have your total, you can read below to see where you stand . You might have a tiny cock or just a hair trigger, whatever the case, and no matter how you try to hide it, you're turned on by femininity, whether it comes from the person you're with or from yourself.You've spent many hours fully dressed, from high heels and stockings to gorgeous makeup and beautiful long locks.Passable or not, you've at least ventured out briefly in public in drag, even if just within the privacy of your car.If you don't soon have wet spots on your panties, then I guess I had you wrong.But we both know that won't be the case, because you are a Well, at least you know you're a sissy.

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    Other times, it’s a matter of conflicting expectations – you think you’re on a date, while she thinks that this is a platonic get-together with a new friend.