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Calculus I introduces two fundamental concepts which enable us to describe and investigate functions. The derivative describes how a function changes at a particular time.The integral carries information about the history of a function.SFSU and many US universities divide calculus in three semesters.While none of the past students who passed the class reported problems transferring credits, \emph.This includes all: interacting with the video lecture, analyzing the notes, thinking and working on homework problems, and sharing ideas on the forum. And summer session is intensive: there are 3 lessons per week, 2 lessons in the fall and spring).\page The final course grade is based on three components: (H) about 25 handwritten homework assignments, (P) your online contributions and participation on the social homework forum (hosted on piazza), and the (E) final comprehensive exam.At anytime they can pause the lecture and ask questions on the forum monitored by the instructor.

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\begin \title \page Calculus I at San Francisco State (California State System), now in its 11th year, is an online course which open to all students with sufficient background in algebra, notions of functions, and in elementary trigonometry.

Students from any other universities are welcome to join us. Goetz [email protected] you have any questions that are not answered below. The class is fully online, you can be anywhere with an interent access. However, there are two proctored events: (a) a readiness test and (b) comprehensive final examination.

Both can be taken on campus or at your location via a video link.

Correct solutions to the assignments are then provided. However, a comprehensive final examination must be proctored by a professional proctoring service or by staff at a CSU campus. However, there are homework deadlines and you need to commit to working on the course and you are expected to contribute to a discussion several times a week.

The forum is actively moderated by Professor Goetz. Most non-SFSU students will choose \href for a small fee. Most students need between \emph - for most lessons.

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