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Click for the - In this Classic Blast from the past, Samantha Bush, the girl with the world's hairiest pussy, eats Wolf up with some dick-sucking, then takes the goo-guy up her ass and his wad on her face.

To get her used to her new lifestyle, Rodney makes her leave his place with cum still a-drippin' off her face and all over her business jacket. Click for the - In this Classic Blast from the past, Robin wants sex but Rodney is trying to write a song. Watch her play with herself and her toys as she satisfies her desires.

Check it out at - Alan is desperate to lose 2 ounces before the big competition tomorrow but after working out at the Gym, he just can't seem to drop that final bit of body weight.

After a few more photos, horny little Lynn is pulling down Rodney's pants and sucking on his cock.

First she gives him head, the she gives him a hairy pussy to fuck. - Rodney hails a cab to get back to his studio and is surprised to see that the driver is a massive woman in fishnets.

After a brief interview, she decides to do a scene on the spot. But you get to see the live scene plus the behind the scenes action, all at the same time.

But Rodney's getting hard, and he really needs some release.

When he starts to jerk off, she tells him he's not allowed to - that she'd get in trouble.

- Lynn needs to get laid at least 3 or 4 times a week, so she's joined a dating site.

She's not happy with the men she's met so far, so she goes to Rodney for some new photos.

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