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The computer had a completely different day and time It was a inconvenience scrambling to find someone to get over to my house to let in the technician.Other than that the speed and quality of the internet has been good.

But when you have a home phone service, you can have a working phone line with few to no dropped calls, even during a power outage or natural disaster.

Download music, movies, and more in record time without paying for more speed than you need. Check availability With our advanced digital network, high-speed Internet from AT&T provides a reliableconnection to keep you connected to everything you love.

in months 13-24 (subject to change).* Incl Unlimited data allowance ( value) at no add’l charge.† activation, early termination fees (/mo. for Internet) for each month remaining on agmt., equipment non-return & add’l fees apply. May not be available in your area.), AT&T Internet is an IP-based service that lets you enjoy life in the fast lane.

Discover the Great Outdoors and hit the trails of Lac Lawrann Conservancy.

Swim the waterways of Regner Park or take a cross-country skiing odyssey near Lucas Lake, all located just minutes from our West Bend hotel.

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