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“Greenson, Monroe’s psychiatrist, stated that Monroe was found clutching a phone-probably trying to call for help.Clemmons found it odd that she didn’t just call to get her maid who was scarcely a loft down the hall.” Murray said she became alarmed at Marilyn being in danger by a light she saw under Marilyn’s door on her way to the bathroom.The bathroom in her room had been shut off due to remodeling and Murray had said that Marilyn had not come out of her room at all, so how could she have swallowed all those pills?“In one of the police photos, there appears to be a water glass next to the bed.Neighbors reported that a hysterical woman had yelled, ‘Murderers! “Searching through the sparsely furnished house which seemed rather small and inelegant for the house of a film star, he found Murray in the service porch off the kitchen, where both the washer and dryer were running Clemmons thought it odd that the housekeeper was doing laundry in the middle of the night while her employer lay dead in the bedroom.” Murray claims that Marilyn’s window had been broken in an effort to get into the room when Monroe’s door was allegedly locked and the maid had felt uneasy about her light being on, and the phone cord being drawn out through the bedroom door. At the time of Monroe’s death, the public had not yet been made aware of the fact that Marilyn had had an affair with the President and that she was currently seeing the Attorney General.Therefore, she could not have possibly seen any light at all.Lawford said that while talking to Marilyn earlier in the evening, that the line on the phone went dead.

No case has yet to be reported in which anyone has swallowed over 12 capsules without leaving any residue in the stomach. “Clemmons noted there being no drinking glass in the room and wondered how she swallowed the Nembutal.Name and case number tags were on each jar, Monroe’s name had already been written on the embalmer’s tags.” This was out of the ordinary since the medical examiner had not even been informed of the autopsy yet, and someone had already arranged the specimen’s.The question is where they got the specimen’s in the first place when her body had not even reached the examiner’s room yet.This is impossible because one cannot view Marilyn’s door on the way from the bedroom to the bathroom.Additionally, Marilyn’s rug covers up all the light from the bedroom.

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