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“Something like what we went through makes you step back and take stock of your life. “You’ve never wanted to talk about sex this much with me before,” I pointed out, suspecting it was a mistake. It could have all just ended like that, in the blink of an eye. Things that should have been said that never were because I always thought there was plenty of time to get around to it.” She kissed my cheek. “You had your cell phone that night when you called 911, right?

I was scared for her, but I couldn’t get over what she was wearing. “I made some friends online not long after your father and I split up. You were so excited the time your hand was finally bigger than mine. You were all grown up.” She laced her fingers with mine and squeezed. You’ve become a man.” “I’m not even eighteen yet.” “Age isn’t what makes you a man.” There was more, but she left it unsaid.

She had on a tight corset thing that was striped crimson and black. There were some kind of small clamps attached to each of her nipples with a golden chain that went up to a ring at the front of the collar she was wearing. I lifted the mask to make sure it really was my mother. It was hard to tell with only the light of the stars to go by, but it looked like a large, plastic, purple butterfly thing.

She had her long blond hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. It was cocked sideways, but it was made of leather and had shiny silver rivets around the edges. She had on a pair of knee-high leather boots decorated with bright zippers and spikes. She wasn’t wearing underwear, but there was something strapped around her waist and covering her crotch.

Holy crap, did we ever just dodge the motherfucker of all bullets. I thought for a second that my brain was still fucked up from the poison gas, but the more I looked the more I knew it was real. She was unconscious and for all I knew she might get brain damage if I wasted any more time.

It was only then that I noticed what my mother was wearing.

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