State laws mandating or regulating mental health benefits

All property can be divided into two major categories: real property and personal property.

Real property is generally immovable and includes land, buildings, and permanent structures.

When real estate sales in your area indicate little or no appreciation in value, your assessed value will reflect that change also.

The following factors are involved in the Property Valuation Cycle: - All real property is revalued annually, with a physical inspection completed at least once every six years. - Personal property is recalculated each year based on current listings.

You can contact the Auditor's Office at 509-477-2270 to check for a recent survey or to acquire a copy of your plat, but keep in mind any improvements made without proper knowledge of property limits could result in litigation.

The first address is the legal owner address and is used by the assessor to address assessment notices.

Visit the Senior Exemption Page Two things determine your property taxes: - Your assessed value, and - The budgets of the tax districts in which you live.

Throughout the year, my appraisal staff assesses all residential and commercial property at fair market value.

An application is available on the Assessor Exemption Application Forms page, or you can call 477-5754 to have one mailed to you.Questions or corrections to owner address can be handled by contacting the Assessor’s Office at 509-477-3698.The second address is the taxpayer address and is used by the treasurer to address tax bills.Property tax is a tax that is imposed on persons because of their ownership or possession of property and is measured by the market value of the property.In Washington State, all real and personal property are subject to tax unless specifically exempted by law.

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